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Money Turtle is a mobile app that modernises the fundraising process for your business or project. Asking your family or friends for funds can be unpleasant. We help you take the awkwardness away by legitimising the process.

In a few simple steps, you can register, define your project, invite your network to invest and voila. Sit back and wait for your funds to arrive.

It's so simple

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Set up a fundraising request via the MoneyTurtle app.

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Invite your select network to participate in the fundraise.

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Repay borrowers monthly and keep them up to date via the app.

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Add or participate in as many fundraises as you wish.

A simple app, with powerful features

Quick and simple

Easily set up an investment offer and fundraising request through the app, and invite family, friends, colleagues, or loyal customers to participate.

Investor engagement

Keep your supporters up to date on milestones, maintaining a healthy and successful relationship with them, without creating drama at your next family reunion.

Digital payments

Modern payment services for collecting and distributing the funds, with cryptocurrencies coming soon too.

Certainty and risk reduction

Several legal contracts for all parties forms the basis of the fundraise between you and your friends, giving you legal certainty and assurance in case anything goes wrong.

Low cost

We take the hassle out of the entire process and we only charge a small success fee for the work we do behind the scenes.


Smart contract technology to ensure your data stays safe, and each investor’s financial investment is stored forever.

Those beautiful fin strokes 


Our tokenisation technology allows for financial assets to be digitised and fractionalised, which opens opportunities for transfers and trading to others in the future.


Both a smart contract (programmable) and a physical contract (PDF based) are generated for all parties. If anything is to go wrong, you have both versions to sort out any disputes.


Setting milestones allows you to engage with your supporters, keep track of progress, and share news and successes.


Your financial assets are kept bulletproof safe and your records are stored on our blockchain, which means they will stay there forever.

Who’s behind MoneyTurtle?

Money Turtle has been created by the team at WeOwn

Following a world pandemic that created massive insecurity and failed businesses, having a reliable and secure way to raise funds for your business or project can be a gamechanger.

What about the name? Our CEO served as the ultimate inspiration. He told us the story of owning sea turtles as a child and how they regularly escaped from the pond…not that slow, after all. And our idea was born. 💡 💵 🐢 

Sustainability is one of our key values and Money Turtle is fully dedicated to supporting the protection of sea turtles and a part of our proceeds will go to the Turtle Foundation. By using our app, you’re playing a part in saving endangered sea turtles and habitats. Let’s all do our part.


It’s very secure! All our data is processed by and stored on the blockchain.

Blockchain technology offers a number of security advantages, including immediate ratification and synchronisation of data, to ensure that any approved user accessing the system has an up-to-date picture of their business or investor activity.

We store sensitive and transactional data differently to publicly accessible information, to safeguard personal details.

A smart contract is a transaction protocol, intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. The objectives of smart contracts are the reduction of need in trusted intermediators, arbitrations and enforcement costs, fraud losses, as well as the reduction of malicious and accidental exceptions.

No, you will need a personal invite to participate in a fundraising offer.

Each business can define their terms, including the interest rate and repayment period.

Our payment options include: credit card, SEPA payment, direct transfer and crypto payments (coming soon).

Money Turtle is built as a progressive web app (PWA), an innovative approach that combines the capabilities of websites and mobile software allowing an immersive user experience. Some of the advantages to using this type of an app: fast installation, better speed, works across all platforms and devices, seamless offline operation, no updating issues, enhanced security, and push notification functionality.

We charge 2.5% of the amount raised, keeping costs as low as possible.

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